In addition to exotic timber species, our product range also includes American and European hard and softwoods.

We strive to maintain stocks of practically our complete range for our customers in every common thickness and length. All products are KD (kiln dried) prior to shipment as a standard measure, and the moisture content of our timber lies between 10 - 14 %. Subsequent drying of timber for our customers is possible on request.

Drying of timber delivered AD (air dried) to us or cut by us is realised exclusively in our own kilns and monitored closely by us. This enables us to ensure the consistent quality of our timber.

We ship our products to customers all over the world.

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The following is an overview of our product range:

Abura Afrormosia Amazakoue Aningre Ayous Bodo
Bongossi Bosse Bubinga Dibetou Doussie Framire
Kambala Khaya Kusia Makore Mansonia Niangon
Okoume Pachyloba Padouk Sapelli Sipo Tiama
Wawa Wenge Zebrano
Bangkirai Meranti Merbau Teak
North America
Ash Aspen Basswood Black Locust
Cherry Hemlock Hickory Maple
Oregon Pine Red Alder Red Elm Red Oak
Tulipwood Walnut Western Red CedarWhite Oak
Yellow Birch Yellow Pine
South America
Angelim Ipe Jatoba Purpleheart
Sucupira Plantation Teak
Ash Beech Douglas Fir Oak
Spruce Siberian Larch Yew