The present Fritz Offermann KG was established in 1961 by namesake and then proprietor Fritz Offermann in Pr. Oldendorf - Getmold, Germany. An existing sawmill located directly on the ‘Mittelland Canal’ was taken over, with the site being expanded and developed in subsequent years.

The following is an overview of the most significant company milestones:

1960s Establishment of the sawmill in Pr. Oldendorf-Getmold, Germany
Initial investment in log band saws and kilns
1970s Expansion and construction of further kilns
Relocation to a new office building
1980s Expansion of sawing capacity to 6 log band saws
Construction of the new wood shaving silo
1990s Launch of partnership with Primewood Lumber, Canada
Establishment of the sawmill in Takoradi, Ghana
New branch in Schlotheim (Thuringia)
Production of over 100.000 m³ sawn timber per annum in Pr. Oldendorf, Getmold
Start of just-in-time deliveries
2000s Increased importing of sawn timber, reduction in sawing capacity
FSC- and PEFC-certification
Expansion of product range to include European timber
Today Kiln capacity of over 1.750 m³
Roofed storage area of over 25.000 m²
Climate-controlled facility for European oak

Fritz Offermann KG continues business operations today as a second-generation medium-sized family enterprise and has developed to become one of the leading importers and dealers in timber. A high degree of flexibility enables us to meet practically every quantity and deadline requirement associated with orders, thus contributing to the greatest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Changing times are reflected in our flexible service, with a variety of round timber being sawn today to customer specifications with a block band saw.

We procure our round and sawn timber from suppliers all over the world.

Our 13 modern kilns enable us to dry sawn timber for our customers under the best-possible conditions and subject to constant monitoring by us.